mother nature can suck it

this marks the second time in a week that i have told a mother of some sort to suck it. on saturday i told my mom to suck it, because she chose tim, a cousin’s boyfriend, over me.

she didn’t even hear it the first time. but my tattle-tale cousin wendy asked, “did you just tell your mom to suck it?”
“you can’t tell your mom to suck it.”
“i just did,” i said.
“jods,” my mom said, she’s the only person i let call me that. “did you really tell me to suck it?”
“YES,” i said. “and you can. you just sold me down the river for someone who isn’t even blood.”

in other news, claritin-D is my one true friend. i feel roughly 67.9% better having taken the drugs and washed them down with a peachy peach yummy Sola Squeeze. going to lunch with Al, the cutest girl on earth™ also helped. it’s something about that warm, sunny, optimistic North Dakota goodness that makes you feel instantly better.

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