bizarre time warp

this is hayden and bailey (poor bailey always has to wear blue so we can keep track of who is who). they are jodi hanson’s (unofficial sister #5) 3.5 year-old twins. words cannot express how utterly eerie it is to look into these two identical faces. it’s eerie because they look exactly, exactly, exactly like their mother did at that age (which is, incidentally, the year that jodi hanson and sister #2 became BFFs). it’s like some sort of bizarre time-warp to look into their eyes. it’s as if jodi has regressed and cloned herself and i’m still 33.

i learned a few things from hayden and bailey today. for instance, their mom never lets them sleep in the garage. they were half-appalled and half-jealous when, upon entering sister #3’s garage to get some cake, they found liam sleeping in the swing.

“our mom never lets us sleep in the garage,” bailey said.
“she’s kind of mean like that,” i said.
“yeah,” hayden said after a minute, “she is.”

in a few minutes later, hayden came running up to me with a handful of grass-like substance.
“what is this?” she asked.
“i think it’s grass,” i said.
“no,” she said. “it’s harder than grass.”
“well maybe they are reeds?” i said.
“no,” she said. “they are probably dandelions.”

i have no idea why she asked me in the first place.

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