twisted knots of burning steel

hopalong mcgurk, that’s my new name (that i stole from geek love). my back and neck are in twisted knots of rage and it hurts. i’m raging over lame, lame stuff like dramaqueenism harshing the buzz of next week’s road trip and being ignored at work.

and you know what i’ve learned from all this? don’t bitch about being ignored at work. because, if you do, they’ll make you go to an 8:45 meeting. 8:45 in the a.m.

someone kill me in my sleep.

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  1. Lee 07.Apr.05 at 2:48 am

    ol’ dirty bastard took to calling himself “dirt mcgirt” shortly before he died. the last in a long line of names… “big baby jesus,” “osirus”(sic), “Joe Bannanas”(sic), etc…

    (ps: this is lee from the westerberg msg board, if that matters.)

    (pps: “Wu-Tang is for the children.” -ODB. huh?)

  2. jodi 07.Apr.05 at 11:34 am

    hi lee! i once called myself old sleepy bastard in homage to ODB.

  3. Winston Smith 07.Apr.05 at 5:15 pm

    Then don’t ever agree to a job that has you getting up at 7 every day to make it into work by 9 but you can’t leave until at least 6 and it takes until about 8 to get home and you’re too tired to cook supper/play with puppies/have sex so you collapse on the couch for two hours until you realize you have to get to bed because you have to be up by 7 every day to make it to work … it gets to you sometimes.
    Also for your list, people lie way too much.


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