but i’m not sick that i didn’t grin like a fool when Mark Wheat played that dog’s “Minneapolis” on the radio tonight

i am so sick that:
• the greenbag starburst jellybeans that i bought on monday remain unopened
• so does the bag of Whoppers Eggs
• i have not consumed more than one diet coke with lime since sunday
• i have yet to declare that easter candy is the best candy ever
• today was the first day that i stayed awake for an entire 8 hours in a row
• it’s taken me more than three days to read The Great Gatsby
• the skin around my nose and top lip looks like it got sunburned during some wild Mexican vacation
• i had to cancel a grumpfest with my writer friends
• i consume nyquil cocktails before bed and they make me dream about making out with Sideshow Adam Duritz only he was supposed to be the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie and I could feel his hard-on rub against me through our respective jeans

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