empty nest

with the webteam vacating my premises, i’m kind of suffering empty next syndrome. now, suddenly i’m surrounded by three grey, dull, empty cubes. it makes me a little sad.

so i keep asking everyone who walks by if they want to move over here. so far, nobody has taken me up on the offer. i cannot believe i’ve been rejected by the artguy, the bossman, pat, and jess. what’s the deal? i’m a fun co-worker. i share my jellybeans. i’m starting to feel a little offended. sheesh, wouldn’t you want to sit by me?

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  1. Thomas 19.Apr.04 at 2:47 pm

    Do you promise to let us find out what that candy Superman tattoo tastes like?

    (Of course it’s candy, and to prove it, we’ll just have to keep licking until it comes off.)

  2. Kristie 19.Apr.04 at 6:38 pm

    Where did they all go?


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