the ambassador of bowling, dead

how much you wanna bet that Dick Weber’s death is recognized by a moment of silence at bowling on Friday night? those old guys just loved ol’ dick. they even had like a dick weber scholarship donation night and stuff. and even though i can feel the flames of hell licking at my ass for making a minor joke at Dick Weber’s death, i have to admit i was a little shocked to learn he was still alive. i bet you’d be a little shocked to know that i know who Dick Weber is and that i can watching him bowl during ABC’s wide world of sports when i was a kid.

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  1. Robin 16.Feb.05 at 9:39 am

    That’s ok. He lived about two miles from me and I wasn’t aware that he was still alive until I heard the news of his death. I didn’t know that he lived two miles from me until then, either. Guess that explains why the nearest bowling alley is called Dick Weber Lanes, doesn’t it?

  2. Charles 17.Feb.05 at 2:20 am

    Don’t remember Dick but I do have memories of watching WW of S with the parents. Earl Ray was the bowling guy I recall.His hair is what really sticks out in my mind. That and the dude dishragging down the hill and hitting pretty much everything while trying to ski. I was but a wee tot then. Ahh.


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