she said most girls who come to bloomington only come here to find husbands*

i think i had the closest thing to a migraine that i’ve ever had in my entire life. a blinding headache that made me feel nauseous and pretty sure that my brain was trying to escape from my skull. of course i don’t think it was an actual migraine. i’ve heard horror stories about those bad boys. but for someone who gets a headache about once every four months, any headache feels like a migraine, or what you imagine one to be. it was so bad that i even fell asleep listening to Tobias Wolff on Talking Volumes (Real Audio link).

i still feel a little shaky and not quite right. i’m blaming it on the mold that is currently blossoming on the living room carpet in weird white and black patches, thanks to SwampFest 2005. to combat the mold, i’ve started looking for a new apartment. i’m not quite sure where i want to live yet. i’m thinking bloomington. it’s halfway between the city and my family. i don’t want to move too far out, i like being within spitting distance of the sister club (yeah, i’m a nutjob who actually likes being close to the fam). minneapolis would put me like an hour or so away from sister #3 (and tony, my auto-mechanic savior on more than one occasion) and st.paul (where i would like to live) would put me way far out.

this is a big step for me. i’ve lived here for nearly 6 years. i don’t have any particular allegiance to prior lake. i don’t even know why i picked here to live. i think because it was somewhere else, and i was just coming out of a bout of depression that lasted nearly two years and i sort of wanted to get away from everything. but as the year moves on i just realize what a bigger and bigger dump this place is. it’s time to go.

and really, the biggest benefit of moving. . . the new place will already be clean!

*it’s an old’s 97 lyric.

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  1. Charles 31.Jan.05 at 12:12 am

    Damn Jodi, Old 97s too? I believe the the term is shizzle: that which you are.

  2. jodi 31.Jan.05 at 12:18 am

    charles, that better be a good thing.

    in other, unrelated news, the story i was working on this week had a character named charles in it.

  3. Charles 31.Jan.05 at 4:45 am

    Most certainly a good thing. To me, Charles conjures an image of a balanced person. I may be an imposter…

  4. Wendy 31.Jan.05 at 11:29 am

    dude, if you move to bloomington, and we STILL don’t hang out sometime, that’ll be sad.

    and if you move to bloomington, don’t live on morgan street. that place is way ghetto.

  5. jodi 31.Jan.05 at 11:33 am

    you know everytime i drive past the hooters in burnsville, i think of you.

    also i’m thinking of the Old Shakopee road area, that is not so ghetto at all.

  6. Wendy 31.Jan.05 at 12:24 pm

    i work on old shakopee! well, not ON it, but you know what I mean.

    and you’re right. it’s not ghetto at all. i always think i’d like to live on old shakopee so i’d never be late to work. and because it’s nice here.

  7. theTTHM 31.Jan.05 at 3:00 pm

    old Shakopee’s a big road, and my (really most sincerely) ex-wife (now biker-chick) lives at 10000 Morgan (with her half-her-age bikerbouy), so don’t you go living around there, hear(here)? Though 9-mile-creek (in prestigious west bloomington) is still and always will be the prettiest place in the middle of a goddamn 2nd-tier-suburb anywhere.

  8. jodi 31.Jan.05 at 3:04 pm

    so if i don’t move to that area, can i count on you to help haul my ever-expanding book collection its new home?