the day before christmas

it was the day before christmas and all through sister #2’s house not a creature was stirring because sister #2 and stink went to the packers game and the kidlings were across the way at Aunt Sherri and Uncle Wayne’s.

that left me there, waiting for the UPS man to deliver a final gift.

that left me there alone with the remote control to the cable tv. i looked at the book in my hand and i looked at the remote. and the remote it sparkled a little sitting right there on the arm of the couch. i could not resist, it’s christmas afterall, the time of giving. so i decided to give my brain the break it so desperately needs. here’s a small sampling of everything i managed to watch at least three minutes of in the three hours i was there:
• that thing you do!
• the real world
• miracle on the 34th street (the old one with the crappy colorization)
• some monsters of metal show on VH1 where i learned about a website that rates heavy metal rocker’s junk
• the cosby show
• a different world (the one where jaleesa is pregant and it’s christmas and whitley and dewayne wayne have broken up and are trying to be friends)
• the packers v. vikings football game
• some weird show called, shit, i don’t know it had life coaches and a house full of women with three house full’s of issues, in this episode they were teaching a girl who had just been blinded how to move about and the other girl was writing all her issues on bricks
• charlie’s angels: full throttle
• happy gilmore
• miracle on 34th street (the crappy colored new version)
• VH1 classics, there was some sort of black and white REO Speedwagon concert on
• the simpons (the one where krusty runs for congress)
• book tv
• an episdoe of full house where the tanners think about selling their house to some rich guy, but michelle is none too please about it though uncle jesse is kinda thrilled
• miracle on 34th street (the real, old school black and white one)
• a different episode of the real world
• a scrabble tournament on ESPN (scrabble!)
• match game
• VH1’s best of the red carpet

that’s all i got to watch because then i had to go to Wayne and Sherri’s for christmas eve dinner.

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  1. Emma 26.Dec.04 at 7:04 pm

    Thank you for the Mx and Princess Jaycie Christmas cheer! I loved the card and so did Mom.