the creepiest grocery store on the block

a few months ago i had a creepy dream about a creepy grocery store. tonight, i visited the grocery store from my dream. really. it gave me the shivers it was so creepy. see, they just built a grocery store down the block from where i live. this store is FRESH, like not even finished all the way, which is what makes it creepy. because the lighting is super goofy and the place is really really dark inside. instead of having regular grocery store lighting, or even swanky grocery store mood lighting ala Byerlys, they just have these single flourescent bulbs lining the top shelf of each aisle. it’s so weird. the only light in the frozen food section is from the glow of the freezers. i kept waiting to find norman bates and/or freddy krueger lurking around each corner.

i’m sure it will be a perfectly lovely and nice grocery store once it’s complete.

sadly, i will have to go there a lot. if my trip today was any indication at all, this is where all the cute boys in prior lake do their shopping. not only are they the cute boys of prior lake who shop, but also the ones who say hello to girls like me while doing their shopping.

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