it’s ok to be a little jealous if your family isn’t this cool

on saturday we had our annual chromey v. chromey bowl-o-rama at the bowling alley. for the second year in a row, a member of the d. chromey (that’d be us) took home the trophy. this year tony baloney, sister #3’s husband, was the big winner, kicking the asses of the j. chromey family (it’s always weird to type that, because dude, i’m j. chromey, but this is john we’re talking about and not jodi). the best part about this year were the matching t-shirts.

yes, look closely, they are all wearing matching shirts. we’re the kind of family who tortures children like that. but, that’s not all, we all wore the shirts. all 12 of us. we’re the chromey party monkeys. just take a look:

actually everyone thought it was the coolest thing ever. ever! the peanut really got a kick out of it. and you should have seen the looks on our cousin’s faces when we started a countdown and unzipped our sweatshirts and coats to reveal the matching party monkey shirts. there were shouts of derision and looks of jealousy in the eyes of the j. chromeys. they were totally envious of our party monkey t-shirts.

and really, who wouldn’t be?

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  1. Damon 29.Nov.04 at 1:42 pm

    What an awesome family tradition! I miss having a big family sometimes…the size of my family (about 6-8 depending on who is living where at the time) doesn’t really allow for such grand things as bowling tournaments!

    And the t-shirts turned out great! woo!


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