and the cheese stands alone

i just got a hysterical phonecall from sister #4.
“jodi?” she asked.
“yes,” i said.
“i have something to tell you.” her voice was shaking and i panicked. do i pretend to be surprised? do i tell her i’ve known for a week? what to do. what to do. i hate lying, but i didn’t want to rain on her parade. so i did what any good sister would do. i faked it. “jose and i are engaged!”
“congratulations!” i shouted.

then she told me about the crying and the bended knee and all the other hullabaloo that goes with the official proposal. my baby sister is engaged. and here i am, the cheese.

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  1. Damon 25.Nov.04 at 3:05 pm

    Saved the best for last.

    I made the mistake of gauging myself against my peers the first time I got married. Everyone I knew was married, I rushed into it, my sister was engaged and getting married very shortly, I didn’t want to fall behind.

    That marriage lasted a year. Then I came to my senses.

    Be patient, continuing looking with an open mind. You’ll find someone who compliments you in all the right ways, yet isn’t annoyingly JUST like you. Your ideal mate may be right under your nose, just waiting for the right situation to rise above the noise and make himself known.