that’s some kind of tired

the sheer panic induced by my short story due date has worn me so completely that i gave up the opportunity to swig beers with the one and only sweet rob of sweet rob fame. yeah, that’s some kind of tired.

i have spent the brain re-congealing time sitting in front of the TV with disc 1 of season 4 of dawson’s creek. i’m pretty sure i probably need therapy for this weird addiction to bad teen soap operas.

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  1. dietcokegurl 07.Oct.04 at 9:51 pm

    Dude! Did he call you up or what? That really is ‘some kind of tired.’ Without the girlfriend there? Could have done some serious damage.

  2. jodi 07.Oct.04 at 10:07 pm

    oh no, not at all. he was there to hang with Smel, who had called him out on some bad teaching things. she’s been trying to get with him for months. i opted out of the whole ordeal. too tired to be witty.

    but if i run into him at any westerberg shows, it’ll be a full-on charm attack.

  3. Thomas 08.Oct.04 at 7:31 am

    And why, pray tell, are you so tired?!? BECAUSE YOU WAITED UNTIL THE LAST DOG WAS HUNG!

    Don’t complain next time I try to kick your lazy supergenius ass into high gear via AIM. It’s all so that you have the energy when beer swigging time with Sweet Rob comes a-calling.


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