i’m a yellow snake in a can

i already had the smug little crush grin thing going on. but i had to swap it for a smile with the TTHM’s name on it. the surest way to get a smile with your name on it is to send me an e-mail about the new paul westerberg song you just heard.

i’ve been living and breathing st. paul lately and will leap on anyone who even pretends to be remotely interested in my aimless babblings.

like poor webboy who made the mistake of picking up the actual CD case from you desk. he popped it open and laughed rather loudly at the picture of paul flipping the bird to everyone who dare take the CD out of it’s CD cosy area.

“you two must be soulmates,” he said.

webboy still hasn’t gotten over the magnificent site of the tip-toed two fingered double-whammy.

so anyway, yes, i’m in love with that song. that song “Gun Shy” that goes a little like, “i’m rock star, i’m a fruit jar, i’m a yellow snake in a can.” perhaps you have to hear the song and see the little shoulder-hip shimmy wiggle combo that i’ve invented for the purpose of celebrating this song to really get it.

later, i will subject the world to my emotional, heart-rending monologue based on the song “My Dad.”

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