Smel has to dare

every week after class we have a post-loft grumpfest (as damon has dubbed it), since FFJ has some serious issues to attend to, it’s usually damon, smel, and i. we have great gobs of fun during the grumpfest (well, when we’re not trying to avoid the marauding stand-up comedian). one of our favorite games at grumpfest (besides making fun of freakshow and/or beltsweat and/or anyone else who doesn’t happen to be as cool as we think we are) is the island game. the island game is basically the top-5 game from “high fidelity.” only, since we’re sorta nerdy writers and not nearly as cool as rob, barry, and dick, our island fives are much more limited. and you have to have sex with the people on your island.

(NOTE: darling ones, only on the island is there a five).

so anyway, we’re always bugging poor poor Smel for her island picks. she’s not so good at the game, because she can’t seem to catergorize her picks. i, being the brat that i am, insist on the categorization. and i’m really good at the game being as i have lots of time to sit around pondering such things.

tonight damon threw at me “people from our last two classes that aren’t me or mel.” i was put on the spot. because, tonight we added a new rule to the island game. that rules is if you don’t answer with five by the time damon or i decide you should answer, we get to pick the island. so Smel got stuck on an island with garth brooks, ted nugent, the lead singer from ratt and some other people i can’t remember.

so on the spot the five people i’d have on my island from our past two classes together would have been:
1. sweet rob
2. cute ben
3. boy jody
5. hilary

yeah, it was tough.

so tonight i told Smel that i was gonna post my island picks in five categories, and she had to do the same. darling ones, feel free to play along so as to make Smel feel not so lame (and maybe if we’re lucky damon will play too).

anyway, here goes.

five male rock stars:
1. jeff tweedy
2. ryan adams
3. rufus wainwright
4. mike doughty
5. mason jennings
(and no st. paul doesn’t make the cut, i could never have sex with a god)

five female rock stars:
1. liz phair
2. lucinda williams
3. chrissie hynde
4. norah jones
5. ani difranco

five actors:
1. matt dillon
2. john cusak
3. vincent donofrio
4. billy crudup
5. johnny depp

five actresses:
1. uma thurman
2. gina gershon
3. katie holmes (aka joey potter)
4. kate hudson
6. scarlett johansson

five writers:
1. dave eggers
2. jeanette winterson
3. john irving
4. douglas coupland
5. denis johnson
(and i didn’t put sweet rob, because he’s on a different island, there is no island mingling in the game)

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  1. melts 29.Jul.04 at 9:48 am

    i’m sure i will forget my list by next wednesday (which will make our grumpfest all the more hysterical). bryan is constantly trying to play this game with me. i will sit and think for hours because i always forget the names of my island cuties. maybe the thought of garth brooks and ted nugent will provide adequate motivation.

    five male rock stars:
    1. dave matthews
    2. chris robinson
    3. ice cube
    4. jeff tweedy
    5. dean and gene ween (a package deal)

    five female rock stars:
    1. ani difranco
    2. kim deal
    3. liz phair
    4. edie brickell
    5. macy gray

    five actors:
    1. johnny depp
    2. viggo mortensen
    3. vince vaughn
    4. robert downey, jr.
    5. john cusak

    five actresses:
    1. kate winslet
    2. uma thurman
    3. emily watson
    4. ashley judd
    5. salma hayek

    five writers:
    1. john irving
    2. tom robbins
    3. richard ford
    4. jim walsh
    5. nigella lawson

    five athletes (just to add one)
    1. johnny damon
    2. kevin garnett
    3. lance armstrong
    4. barry zito
    5. derek jeter

  2. rolpol 29.Jul.04 at 11:00 am

    Johnny Damon and Derek Jeter on the same island is just plain greedy!! Not to mention admirable….

  3. damon 29.Jul.04 at 3:15 pm

    Ok, here are two of mine. I only bat from the right side of the plate, so I am somewhat limited.

    Franka Potente
    Merle Oberon (time machine needed)
    Kate Winslet
    Cate Blanchett
    Olivia Williams

    and, in case of a coconut accident, Maggie Gyllenhaal will be in the wings.

    PJ Harvey
    Ani Difranco
    The drummer from Sleater-Kinney
    Kristin Hersh (though I don’t know what she looks like)
    Tori Amos

    Sarah Vowell
    Iris Murdoch
    Ursula Le Guin
    Anais Nin
    Emily Dickinson

    On a side note, I must say I’m very impressed with rockstar to get hers up so quickly. With one extra, even.

    What do people think, should Jodi make a move on NESC?

  4. damon 29.Jul.04 at 3:47 pm

    I can’t believe I forgot Scarlett Johansson. She’s in the top five there somewhere.

  5. melts (aka rockstar) 29.Jul.04 at 4:04 pm

    she should make a move on nesc before hilary does. for sure.

    i’m just bummed he didn’t take me up on my original invite to the grumpfest.

  6. UH 29.Jul.04 at 5:30 pm

    I wouldn’t have sex with male rock stars, male actors, or male whatevers. I guess I’ll sit out this round.

  7. jodi 29.Jul.04 at 6:37 pm

    clearly damon sort of agrees with you UH. but if you were a girl would you have sex with male rock stars, writers, etc.?

  8. FFJ 05.Aug.04 at 1:20 pm

    male rockers
    young Elvis
    henry rollins
    chris robinson
    david bowie
    even johannsen

    female rockers
    chrissy hynde
    tori amos
    gwen stephani
    annie lennox
    lisa loeb

    male actors
    johnny depp
    goran visnijk
    adrian brody
    joaquin phoenix
    vince vaughn

    female actors
    angela bassett
    helen mirren
    meryl streep
    grace kelly

    five writers
    cute ben
    sweet rob david sedaris