hard time letting go

vacationing does not come easy to superadultresponsible girl. i’m not sure what the problem is, as if the company will go under and everything will cease to exist in my abscene or something. maybe it’s because work called at 10 o’clock monday morning with an emergency only i could fix. maybe because i had to go in to attend big important meeting last night (at least there was the cutie from the outside firm there and, well free beer). maybe it’s some weird american and/or minnesotan work ethic thing going. maybe i’m just nervous because i’ve made some pretty big moves and claims that could get me into a lot of trouble if they don’t got exactly as i hope. maybe i just don’t know how to relax. but, i’m taking baby steps.

jess just called and asked if i wanted to come in to attend the big important meeting follow-up and i said no. i did. i’m so proud of me.

now i have to get back to the couch and finish watching “secretary” with a side of ice cream.

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  1. Edge 28.Jul.04 at 5:51 pm

    That movie ROCKS!!!