shopping like cattle

well the sister club, the kidlings, and i finally made our pilgrimage to ikea, the valhalla of cheap, cool-looking junk. it was pretty much my very definition of hell. being trapped inside with the large population of the unwashed masses of minnesota. i shudder just recalling it. ok, it wasn’t actually THAT bad, but it was kinda ooky. i felt like i was in some sort of capitalist museum with all the rooms set up all nicely, but not really being able to get close enough to touch anything.

plus there were all those people. the people with strollers they couldn’t control and the people who stepped on the back of your shoes becuse you weren’t quite hauling ass past the JAGGA magnetic boards as fast as they would have liked and the people standing in the middle of the aisle looking confused and the people arguing with their significant other over whether or not they really needed the $49 bookcase or not and the people who had to stand in awe (in the middle of the aisle) in the face of so many cheap coffee cups and the old ladies who didn’t understand why you had to put the furniture together and the people who rode the elevator even though they had no cart and/or stroller, making those who had a cart and stroller just stand there watching them hog the elevator and the people. oh the people. there were just so many of them.

sister #2 proclaimed it would probably be a great store to go to on a monday night at 7 when the vikings are playing. i think she might be right.

max and jaycie, of course had an absolute blast. who knew that a 5 and 6 year old would dig furniture so much? but they did, and max pointed out every single item he wanted in his bedroom. the kid, his taste is not so bad.

i did end up getting some brightly-colored $4 throw pillows out of the whole ordeal, so one really can’t complain.

and the very best part, was after ikea as we were driving to go lunch somewhere else, the peanut’s singing. he’s inherited his parents’ craptastic taste in music, but my god if it’s not the cutest thing ever in the history of cute cute things.

he apparently totally digs leann rimes’ version of “blue.” you know the one that goes something like, “Bluuuueee oooohoooohooohooooweeeooo lonesome, lonseome for you, why can’t you be blue over me?” well, the peanut in all his 2.5 year oldness loves to sing that song. and to hear him yoddle that Bluuueeee ooohooohohoooweoooo will make you smile so big and so hard you’re pretty sure your face is going to crack right in half. but then, you realize that’s only the warm-up because then that song that goes like “sun’s coming up i got cakes on the griddle, life ain’t nothing but a funny, funny riddle, thank god i’m a country boy” comes on and man i’ve never seen a kid clap and sing like that since princess jaycie in her “Fee Fi Foe/If I Fall” days.

if everyone had cade around to sing those two songs whenever they were a little down, we could cut the use of anti-depressants in half. it’s that cute and that joyful.

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  1. Calli 08.Aug.04 at 1:30 am

    We just had an Ikea open here in CT. I couldn’t believe the press and uproar this place has caused. News coverage every night for a couple of weeks. “Ikea is coming! Ikea is coming!” People camping outside all night in the cold and rain (I can’t believe it can be cold and raint in summer… weird) the night before the opening. And the traffic congestion… whoa… all because of the Ikea.

    I’m sure we’ll go at some point, just out of curiousity, but that place scares the hell out of me already!