about last night

from an e-mail sent to FFJ:
so rob walks in with a fucking replacements t-shirt on and i nearly wet my pants. i mean, come on! is he trying to seduce me in the middle of class or what?

“nice shirt,” i spooj all over him.
“yeah, i’m a litle behind on laundry,” he blushes and moves his hair
out of his face.
“no, i’m serious,” i said. “nice shirt.”

so then class went one where we talked for-fucking-ever about Smel’s story. and it went pretty well, though she’d probably tell you different. mostly we just said we needed a little bit more of a story and all.

then we talked about the master story and it was great. then we argued for a good 15 minutes about two periods after a sentence or not. because, well beltsweat was late because of some flight or something.

then all of sudden we hear “dodododod inspector gadget, dodododdod do
doot doo.” because it was my cellphone ringing.

then i turned 3298 shades of red and apologized. then i told them it was you. but i still didn’t answer it, because that’d be rude.

and after class at the bar Smel and/or Rob asked if i was red because the cell phone rang or because it was inspector gadget and i was all “no way, i love inspector gadget.” then rob and i made some joke about a helicopter coming out of my head because it was my super-secret identity.

and so yeah, we met the FGF at grumpy’s after class. it’s the one i thought it was at the reading, only she’s not pregnant. it must have just been the outfit she wore to the reading. i’m a psychic, i swear.

then Smel and Damon and I just sat around grumpy’s having a grand old time, because you know how wonderful they are. and we really, really need to plan a writing group thing soon.

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  1. jodi 16.Jul.04 at 10:57 am

    fucking girlfriend

  2. heather 16.Jul.04 at 12:47 pm

    ohhh. when the fuck did that happen?

  3. jodi 16.Jul.04 at 1:26 pm

    wednesday night at grumpys.

  4. Questioning friend 16.Jul.04 at 6:17 pm

    Is Sweet Rob a former cross dressing local rock star, or is that purely literary? His rendition of The Spiders From Mars makes me wonder.


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