c’mon, c’mon turn a little faster

we have a new favorite song in jodiland. that’s right the internet’s sweetheart is in love with the cheesedoggiest of cheesedog song and we’re not afriad to admit it.

it’s the counting crow’s “accidentally in love” from the Shrek 2 soundtrack. I KNOW! but it just makes me smile kinda goofily and shake my booty in an even more goofy manner. yes, that’s right, i’ve listened to this song so much this past weekend that it’s even got it’s own little dance.

this dancing thing hasn’t happened to a song since st. paul’s “wild and lethal.” the booty shake in the “accidentally in love” dance is even more pronounced than the hip shake in “wild and lethal.” just something about adam and happiness makes me want to stick my butt right out and shake it around.

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  1. tam 01.Jun.04 at 11:00 am

    I thought I was the only one!

    We saw Shrek 2 this weekend and I think I scared Jamie with all the movie theatre chair dancing. Its impossible to NOT be happy during that song.

  2. Thomas 01.Jun.04 at 1:15 pm

    Fairy God-Mother is such a AGMILF: Animated God-Mother I’d Like… oh nevermind…

    Her version of “Hero” rocks, by the way…