kicked out of the club

i am so getting kicked out of the stalker of the month club.

just last night as i waxed poetically to the TTHM about one mr. dave eggers being the father of my future children. the TTHM, of course, laughed and then took a chance to deride my beloved eggers and me– you know he’s really quite economical with his deriding.

so anyway, i was poking about metafilter when i came upon this thread about how some authors are anonymously giving themselves five star reviews on Amazon and how Amazon accidentally made some of those review unanonymous and one of the reviewers was eggers.

anyway, in that thread i found out that HE’S MARRIED. and clearly this is the kind of thing a stalker should probably know. and this is why i’m such a bad, bad stalker. . . because nobody tells me anything.

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