and that was the way it was

holy shit have i had a day. i am beat, bushed, and bemused. most of which i blame on the awful weather and the equally awful road conditions. i took 35W home. usually i do 80 on 35W and arrive home a mere 30 minutes after i leave my desitination. tonight, i did 45 tops, i think i might have gotten up to the mind-numbingly fast 50, but then panicked and slowed back down.

but i had a blast hanging out with the TTHM. i think i’m going to make him hang out with me more often– at least once a month. anything more than that and we might kill each other.

i have miles and miles i could write, but i think i need to let it all sink in first. however, by some odd dose of serendipity, his best friend of some 20 odd years happened into the bar we were at. and that my friends, is going to be a wonderful story worthy of tuning in for tomorrow.

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