when fetishes collide

yesterday i was whining about going to the Super Target down the street and not finding anything to buy. see, i had a mission, i wanted to buy stuff, specifically a big pack of valentines. but the Super Target is just too super for me. there’s so much crap it’s overwhelming and, well, i’m not used to that Target, so i have no idea where they keep the coolstuff. Plus, it’s always crowded which makes my already meager shopping ambition dwindle very quickly.

so i left the Super Target yesterday disheartened with some photo paper and a new black ink cartridge for my troubles.

today, i decided to venture to my tried and true first love of all Targets, the unSuper Target in Shakopee.

and what to my wondering eyes should appear? all the valentine’s day crap my heart holds so dear!

yes, it was there right where i expected it. heart shaped altoid tins, mini-m&m guys with red baseball caps that say “i love you,” heart shaped tins full of hershey kisses, red vases, red coffee cups that say “xoxo,” and more valentiney goodness than i had hoped– three full aisles of the pink and red. i nearly wept.

i don’t usually buy any of that stuff, though it’s often hard to resist, i just like to look at all the red and pinky goodness and wait for the day someone buys it for me– because that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

but today, today was difference. today, when two of my favorite fetishes collided, i crumbled. i crumbled without even blinking an eye.

if you guess that it was the red-leather covered journal that said “i *heart* you,” you’re wrong. it wasn’t the conversation hearts notepad either.

it was the deskset! i could not resist the deskset. office supplies with a valentine’s day theme? i am not strong enough for that. so now i am the proud of owner of some purpely pink file folders, stationery, notepad, notecards and a keen little box to keep all in neatly.

forgive me, i am weak.

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