trying to holler at me

i might have some genetic defect that makes me shake my booty uncontrollably whenever TLC’s “No Scrubs” comes on. i wonder if there’s some sort of research or medical study i can volunteer for.

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  1. Thomas 27.Jan.04 at 12:55 pm

    I believe you may have Booty Shaking Syndrome, or BSS. This often relates to the movement of one’s own backyard during rythmic music, primarily songs from the period from 86′-96′. To test to see if you have BSS, please play the song “I wanna know (what you’re thinking)” by Information Society and note if your booty does indeed exhibiting a shimmie and/or shake. (Note: This is subtly different than a “hippy-hippy shake”, which is higher up than the booty and may involve arm movements.)