try to turn back now, it might be too late

remember when this used to be great gobs of fun and i’d write all the time? yeah, those were good times, good times. not so much lately. not because i don’t love but because i’m some sort of strange funk. i feel it shaking loose, i’m breaking free. i can tell, because there’s stuff inside of me bubbling to the top, things that need to get out. i’m starting to not fit inside my skin anymore, and that’s how i can tell.

there are things that i need to write, and i just haven’t because i’m afraid. or i’m still too busy tumbling them about and figuring them out in my mind. but i have to write them, i know i have to. because sometimes it feels like things haven’t fully happened until i’ve written about it.

i just need to get back to that place where i can do that. maybe after i clean my apartment.

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  1. Will Atwood 18.Dec.03 at 6:20 pm

    All that lovely hair is a reflection of your soul,
    and the light in your eyes,

    Eyes that sparkling, reflect your soul, your caring and your charm.

    Lovely lovely hair
    Love;y eyes
    Lovely Soul


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