time travel

somewhere around chapter 14, my brain flew out of my skull, ran down the hallway, and curled up in the fetal position in the middle of my bed. since i couldn’t do much more copyediting without it, i followed.

i figured 14 chapters in one weekend is more than enough, and maybe i’ll slide by a day, but such is life. my editing skills were deteriorating, so it was probably wise to call it day.

so, i climbed into bed with The Time Traveler’s Wife. i started this book late last week, and now that i’m around page 240, i can admit i’m completely charmed by this story of the artist and her time-traveling library boy. the concept is just so damn original i want to gnaw off my own foot in a fit of pure jealousy. i have a sneaking suspicion that this might just be a high-concept romance novel, but at the moment i don’t care a bit. right now i’m so enamoured with clare and henry that i can’t see this book going wrong.

and, to prove my ADD point, i’ve just spent the last hour and a half reading the book. the only reason i got out of bed is because i had to go to the bathroom.

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