growing grouchy

if editing this book has taught me anything, it’s taught me that i have a severe case of ADD. yes, it’s true. i suspected as much with my tv watching quota. i can’t seem to watch anything on tv (be it a movie or tv show) for more than an hour before i start bouncing off the walls.

today, i realize this is true when it comes to most everything in my life. there are only two things i can do for longer than an hour: read a book and write. see how copyediting isn’t one of those two things?

my brain is bored, sick of editing and it’s making me relentlessly crabby. i tried to call the TTHM to break up the monotony of the bookediting, but his line was busy. clearly he doesn’t realize he’s my beck and call boy. hrmph!

i tried to watch a movie, but the guilt of not editing the book was almost as boring as actually editing the book. same thing happened with masturbating, actual book reading and writing.

i’m doomed.

i suppose i’d better get back to chapter 13 (only 9 more to go!).

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  1. robin 07.Dec.03 at 11:24 pm

    you’re just bored by the book, it’s not you!

  2. jodi 07.Dec.03 at 11:43 pm

    nah, i really think it is me. meetings that last more than an hour are pure torture for me. an hour into most every movie i’ve ever seen, i have to turn it off and go do somethign else, and then come back to finish it up. the book, really it’s good, it’s just the monotony of the task that’s driving me batty.

    i really think i might have some weird form of adult ADD– well except when it comes to reading books and writing.

    i’m just not that good of an editor.

  3. Natalie 08.Dec.03 at 8:43 am

    I’ve just been worried about the same thing myself! The only things I can do for more than an hour at a time myself are needlework and reading–it’s starting to worry me, actually.


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