i think i might be in trouble

sometimes i think the TTHM might be right. he’s absolutely appalled by how much book reading i do in bed. he’s more of a bed nazi than i am. while i have a strict no-tvs in the bedroom policy, he doesn’t think anything besides sleeping and sex should be going on in bed. i, however, do all sorts of things non-sex and non-sleep related. well mostly it’s just homework, read, and write. but still it’s not sleeping and not sex.

i should have known better. The Time Traveler’s Wife is definitely not a bedroom book. it’s a livingroom book, not something i should pick up on a dark, lonely sunday night when i haven’t spoken to a human being since friday.

it’s the perfect book for such a sunday, but not for a sunday night when you should be getting plenty of sleep for the week ahead. it’s the perfect book for immersing yourself. it’s wonderful for leaving behind the stress over the work you didn’t get done, and loneliness that has taken residence in your bones. it’s a perfect book for getting lost in, which, i suppose, is better than getting lost in the dark of a black sunday.

i should have known better, but i did it anyway, and here i am another 140 pages later, still awake. and still nearly 200 pages away from the end. what was i thinking?

i had these silly optimistic notions, way back around midnight, that i would get to bed at a semi-decent hour and be up and at work by 8 a.m. where i would tear through the remaining eight chapters of the book i was supposed to complete editing this weekend. then i was gonna spend the day generally being a goof-off e-mailing the artguy and chatting with darlingjason.

i don’t think those things are meant to be now. i’ll be lucky if i can haul my ass in to the office in time for my 9 o’clock meeting.

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  1. keith 08.Dec.03 at 9:44 am

    I will agree with the TTHM about bedrooms only if he lives a strictly guided life where all of his rooms serve clear duel purposes. In the stereotypical masculine world, all rooms would be bedrooms.

  2. Thomas 08.Dec.03 at 1:25 pm

    Why must every room serve a duel purpose? Can’t we just talk about our differences instead of engaging in archaic rituals to show who is more skilled with a weapon? The duality of this uncivilized civility is appaling.

    I believe I’ve said my piece.


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