talking to myself again

i’ve managed to work myself into a fine frenzy of self pity with a healthy dose of woe is me thrown in. it’s utterly pathetic, me in my bed in the dark, big fat tears rolling out of my eyes, making the hair above my ears all wet.

and as i’m laying there crying i start to argue with myself.

“this sucks, everybody forgot about me, i feel like i don’t matter,” the right side of me says.
“oh stop it you big baby,” the left side says.
“you don’t understand.”
“i understand that you’re tired from too many meetings and disappointed that your plans for the night didn’t pan out and your phone calls weren’t returned.”
“see? clearly i don’t matter,” right side sobs
“see? clearly you’re a self-centered brat,” left side scolds.
“i am not! i am lonely and misunderstood,” right side said.
“you are being a baby,” left side said.
“shut up!”
“you shut up!”
“i hate you,” right side shouted.
“nobody likes you,” left side said
“i knooooooowwwwwwww! that’s why i’m crying.”

yes, this is how my night has gone.

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