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lifting content from the comments, mostly because i want to explore this a little more.

wes asked me some questions in response to my whining about nobody wanting to date me.

Who do you want to date?

Do you have requirements?
a pulse, no wedding ring, at least 5’10” tall. i know, i’m shallow and it blows. but i can’t help it. while there are many men i adore who are much shorter than that i know myself well enough to know that i would not be totally comfortable in compromising positions with someone so much shorter than i am.

also, i’m not a big fan of cupcakes. i like men my age or older.

Are they strict? You probably can’t tell for yourself if they’re strict since you meet your own requirements. So get someone to help you. Random people on the internet is a great someone to help you. 🙂

i don’t think my requirements are strict.

hell, i’ll go on a date with just about anybody because it’s fun to get to know people. but for it to go beyond a single date, there’s got to be chemistry– which isn’t something you can quantify and put into words. you know?

Also, being open, honest, and tall probably has something to do with it. There are fewer guys who like open, honest, tall women than there are guys that like them.

see that? that right there, that’s my problem. i am loud and opinionated too. i don’t mince words even though i am prone to comedic overgeneralization. i think you wrap all that up into a giant 6’5″ chick with tattoos and hell, i wouldn’t even approach me. i think i scare the hell out of people.

i forgot where all this was going. so tell me again, why in the hell won’t anyone date me?

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  1. Brody 01.May.02 at 9:45 am

    I like open, honest, tall women. Better than guarded, lying, stumpy ones. It will happen for you Jodi, when you least expect it!

  2. Scott 01.May.02 at 10:22 am

    I still can’t believe the fact that I found someone who wanted to be with me, much less be married to me for going on three years! Don’t worry, it will happen to you, too, eventually!

  3. Jay 02.May.02 at 3:00 am

    Move to Portland.
    I’m 6’5″.
    I’ve dated very very short women for years and it just never seems to work out. But they are steadily getting taller. The last one was about 5’9″. My point? Not a clue.
    Just let it be known that there are guys/girls in the world that would love you simply because you’re such a freak for Paul Westerberg.