pop culture changed my life

tam did it, so now i have to.

That changed my life:
A Prayer for Owen Meany. i read this when i was 18 or 19 and discovered what good books could be. it amazed me that something written could be so beautiful and moving. until that point i had feasted on bad romances by the likes of VC Andrews, Danielle Steele, Jackie Collins, and Judith Krenz.
That I couldn’t live without: Written on the Body, because it’s the only thing i know of romantic love.
That I could do without: the crimson petal and the white. i can’t remember the last time a book infuriated me so much.
Guilty pleasure: chick lit. i’m sorry, i’m weak.

That changed my life:
“Dead Poets Society,” because it showed me it’s ok to be so moved by words.
That I couldn’t live without “Almost Famous” and/or “Beautiful Girls,” but you knew that already.
That I could do without: Most everything starring Tom Cruise (except for “Vanilla Sky” because well that’s Cameron Crowe AND Jason Lee and that stuff can’t be passed up).
Guilty pleasure: “bring it on,” “empire records,” and most of the john hughes 80s movies.

That changed my life:
my adoption. i think i’d be a different person had i been raised jodi st. martin instead of jodi chromey.
That I couldn’t live without: dancing to “valerie loves me” in the rain with a boy i adored.
That I could do without: too many to list.
Guilty pleasure: every friday night at the bowling alley.

That changed my life:
Merry Go Round.
That I couldn’t live without: the gospel according to st. paul.
That I could live without: “tainted love,” gah i hate that song.
Guilty pleasure: rod stewart and the dixie chicks.

That changed my life:
the married man.
That I couldn’t live without: the sister club and the kidlings.
that i could do without: the stupid monkey and the other woman at work who has been making it feel like 8th grade around there.
Guilty pleasure: the TTHM and darlingjason and beautiful robert and the hot guy from R&D and most of you darling ones.

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