nearly finished

well, that wasn’t too heinous, and oddly less expensive than i had planned. a mere $140 later and i think i’m very nearly done. i have one more gift to get for jess and i think that’s it. plus i have to shell out the cash to the sister club for mom’s gift. not bad, not bad. i thought shopping was going to be the hard part. but i think the hard part is going to be resisting the urge to open and play with Jaycie’s Angel Food Cake doll and My Pretty Pony. sheesh, why can’ t i be six again?

in other gift-related news, we’re doing a secret santa at work. through a little manouvering, i ended up with the artguy. we’re only supposed to spend $5 on the gift. i went a little over at $6.99. but, i got him this wonderfully tacky, galloping horses paint by number kit. on the card i will write, “paint this little number and hang it in your cube to remind you how creatively fulfilling working here is.” i hope he gets it.

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