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“where’s your fan club,” she asked me as she made the large mocha that i order every week.
“they totally bailed on me,” i said.
“i think i know the answer to this but do you want anything else?”
“so why’d they bail?”
“probably because i have to read my story in class tonight and they didn’t want to deal with my neuroses.”
“typical men.”

yeah, none of my little support group was there tonight. i’m a little worried that the NBFB is totally sick, so let’s all send him some good health juju.

even without my posse, it went super good. they liked my story, and laughed in all the right parts. then, of course, they tore it apart. but not so much as they did last time. i think a lot of the criticism was valid, some of it i don’t agree with and mostly i think one or two more re-writes and this one might be pretty spot on. whereas i think anita’s story needs like three or more rehashes before that one’s ok.

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  1. NBFB 21.Nov.03 at 6:31 am

    I left the office yesterday around noon. I got home, got in bed, and stayed there until 9 PM, got up, drank a glass of water, went back to bed.

    I’m at work now, against my better judgement and may not last the day.

    I feel really bad about skipping. Sorry.


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