knockin’ em back

1. Go read Tam’s NANMONONMOM (or whatever it’s called) site. she’s writing a novel in a month and i just read the first chapter and got hooked. i will read the rest of it, after i finish my short story. please do not mention the fact that these people are going to crank out a novel in a month and it’s taking me a long, long time to write a short story.

2. as far as curses go, what would be worse an obstructed bowel or stubbing your toe everynight as you are about to climb into bed?

3. i was told to work from home tomorrow, how much does that rock?

4. events have transpired to make me seriously reconsider the crush lineup. i will keep you posted of any changes.

5. never.

6. the NBFB seems to think he’s getting a pager for christmas. he so is not. i was serious he needs like a batsignal– something i can mount on ruby’s roof so it’s transportable. pagers are for soccer mom’s not superheroes. be patient, he’s still learning.

7. i am developing a theory that nobody should ever get married before they lived by themselves for like a year or so. it’s still in the early stages, perhaps something for bittersweetheart.

8. i am getting an odd pain/cramp thing in the finger between the middle and the pinky of my left hand. shaking my hand back and forth vigourously is not helping. the pain is still shooting/cramping. maybe my left hand is having a stroke.

9. sister #4 called me at work today at 4:30 telling me that sister #2 wasn’t gonna work the bowling alley because of the bad roads and sister #4 was wondering if i’d cover for sister #2. she then went on to get all pissy with me because i said i couldn’t because i had this focus group i HAD to attend for work. she was all huffy when she said, “FINE, i’ll cancel my plans.”

10. i’m at the pont where schmitty bowls a perfect 300 in the second game, and the climax ain’t gonna happen until after the third game, what do in the meantime?

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  1. NBFB 04.Nov.03 at 6:33 am

    Sister #2 sounds like a whimpy whiner. The roads weren’t bad, they were wet. You know, like when it rains?

  2. jodi 04.Nov.03 at 8:17 am

    maybe here they were. but she lives in hutchinson, which i swear is like a vortex of winter weather. really. they get way more snow than we do.

  3. keith 04.Nov.03 at 8:34 am

    That’s cause hutchinson sucks.

    get it?…

    It pulls all the sucky weather toward…

    Forgive me…It’s early and I haven’t had coffee.