wanna bet?

gambling addiction runs in my family. well, at least the generation before me. they all love to gamble. i haven’t gotten by without the bug myself. i love making bets.

i have a long and illustrious past when it comes to making bets.

i don’t often lose money, because betting money is no fun. i like to bet for um, services, or humiliation, or stuff in general. that being said, i do owe mmj like $30, but those have all been bets i’ve been happy to lose.

my pal keith owes me a beer. that was a bet i didn’t want to win. i even did my best to lose. but you goddamn men who don’t find me attractive at all and don’t want to smooch on me made sure that i won. i’ll think of you all when i drink that free beer.

this was going somewhere else and now i’ve forgotten. i still need to tell you about the bowling alley. but i’m all wonky with my mind on other things and a crush and the dinner i have to go to with the ceo. blech.

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