jodi at 23

from an e-mail i just sent:
>> i love eau claire with a passion that one reserves for the person they lost their virginity to. that town, for me, is filled with ghosts and the girl i used to be.

> what was she like? when you were her….

she was cute and fearless. she knew where she was going and what she needed to do to get there. she wasn’t hardly ever lonely. she dreamed of babies and men who would love her. she didn’t think about being 30something and alone.

she had secrets that nobody knew, and everybody knew she had. she was going to change the world. she was petty and irresponsible. she burned bridges without regret. she wielded her power with kindness and false bravado.

she laughed a lot and drank a lot and didn’t cry too often. she had friends in low places and high places. she had friends. people wanted to be with her. people wanted to be her. strangers approached her and said nice things about her. she read a lot and talked even more. she was sought out and sought after. she put a superman tattoo on her chest and didn’t believe in kryptonite.

she was a girl in the world.

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