my singlehood is karmic payback for being 14

from the Jukebox Junkie:
April 1, 1987
I just got done crying! Cuz my dad just got done yelling at me for no reason. So I’m sorta in a bad mood! I was just thinking about Lisa Aune’s suprize birthday party. Guess what? Dawn has a note for me! I sorta want to be her frienda gain, but I know Jennie would be slightly disappointed in me! Well — Now I’m reall confused!! But this ain’t the first time. Yes, I still like Brian. Why? I have no idea. He’s just so nice! It’s weird cuz he’s not really that cute (unlike Shawn). But’s so nice. It’s weird cuz usually I like a boy cuz the way he looks then get to know him! With Brian it’s just the opposite. First I got to know him and then started liking him. Lisa used to like Brian, she’s got good taste. I think Brian used to like Lisa too. But that was at the begining of the year! Now Brian likes Tiffany (I think, I’m not sure!). Well, I gotta go I guess. I’m almost finished with Lord of the Flies! Seven more pages to go. I felt so bad when Piggy died.

yeah. can i die right now for my shallowness? do all teenage girls think like this? and the cuz? cuz? i could kick my own ass.

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  1. estella 26.Jul.03 at 12:21 pm

    I’m awed that you’ve owned that. Seriously. Yes, all teenage girls think like that. Only I used to think like that AND address my diary to an invisible person named Anne.


    (or snaps. or credit. Whatever people “give” these days.)

  2. Natalie 26.Jul.03 at 3:44 pm

    Jodi, dear, are you sure we’re not related? Because I was all about the shallow, too. Until 9th grade, at which point I decided I hated boys.

  3. Dana 28.Jul.03 at 6:04 pm

    Well, now I know how Lord of the Flies ends…


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