completely complete

because i am an evil music pirater, i’ve downloaded the entire new Liz Phair CD. it took me an entire week, but got them all. also, i’ve pre-ordered it from amazon too. i’m a pathetic liz phair junkie. i blame it on meathead and the memories involved with getting my first tattoo.

anyway, it’s pretty good. a few clunkers, but she’s been out of the game for like five years. i guess it’s to be expected. i am currently addicted to extraordinary. i will write more about that later. i have stuff i have to do now.

in other news, sister #3 is safely ensconced in her new place in Prior Lake. she’s a mere two miles away. i cannot say enough how nice it is to have her here. we’re going shopping today. it promises to be great gobs of fun.


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  1. dweebie 01.Jun.03 at 10:30 am

    There was an article in Entertainment Weekly about Liz Phair’s new cd. Apparently this one is more mainstream and she’s afraid in a way that people will think she’s selling out, but she wanted it to be the way it is. The tunes are apparently more “pop” or accessible or the type that will get more air play on the radio. Have you noticed this change in her tracks Jodi? I actually like to hear the metamorphis that takes place with artists’ works, people like Joni Mitchell, from folk to jazz to just her own thing. As long as they’re being creative and expressing themselves, I say it’s up to them to do what they want, you know “to thine own self be true”. I checked out Bob Dylans’s Slow Train Coming from the library and have been really enjoying it. It’s like he’s combined the old folk singer with incredible musicians, funk, bass, rock, and it comes off appealing to both genres of listening folks, imho, anyway. Music is a salvation, it works like prozac for me.

  2. jodi 01.Jun.03 at 10:34 am

    oh, it’s way more mainstream than anything she’s ever done. you can totally tell the difference. the music itself, is way more poppy– the lyrics i’d say is standard phair.

    i’m not sure of the whole sell-out thing. i think musicians should do whatever makes them happy. and if this record makes her happy, then fuck all the people that would call her a sell-out. i mean c’mon we can’t all be angry, bitter 20somethings forever, you know?