why i love the aclu

From: Matt Howes, National Internet Organizer, ACLU
To: ACLU Action Network Members
Date: April 7, 2003

Oppose the Culture War on Raves

Members of both the House and Senate are attempting to pervert proper legislative processes by appending two unrelated provisions to the popular Amber Alert measure. One of the two provisions would target raves — a social event that mixes electronic music, light shows and dancing; the other provision would seek to limit the discretion of federal judges.

The rave provision would make building owners liable for their tenants’ and customers’ activities. For example, even if they instituted excellent security precautions, restaurant, bar, nightclub, dance and music venue owners could all be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars and forced into bankruptcy if a customer sneaked in drugs. No matter how much security is put in place, they could be held responsible for the actions of just one customer.

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  1. MJ 08.Apr.03 at 1:39 pm

    ” seeking to override normal legislative processes…”

    Nothing says legitimacy about a proposal than breaking the rules to weasel it in. They know it’s unpopular and doesn’t represent the constituents, but they do it anyway. ARRRGH!

    Like back in December when no Congressman would admit to sneaking in legislation blocking lawsuits against Eli Lilly (Dick Armey later took the fall). They actually try to hide from the public they “serve”. ARRRGH!

    Sorry for ranting in your comments, I just miss Wellstone.

  2. MJ 11.Apr.03 at 8:46 pm

    Hiya, you probably saw the news already, but it’s basically passed…

    Commentary at: