it’s all about the love

here’s an excerpt from an argument i had with manfred (who is austrian and i just love to chat with because of his accent) on valentine’s day:

“i just don’t like valentine’s day. it’s so commercial,” he said.
“but you can say that about most every holiday,” i said.
“not the religious ones.”
“i’d bet a lot of people would like to argue that point with you. especially where christmas and easter are concerned.”
“well, i just don’t like the pressure of having to buy the chocolates and the candy and to do something fabulous,” he said. “i just don’t believe in valentine’s day.”
“i do,” i said. “i love it. how can you not believe in love? what’s not to believe in? you don’t have to buy flowers or candy. just do something nice for someone you love. hell, do the dishes, make the bed. smile more. i just don’t see how someone cannot believe in or want to celebrate a day dedicated to love. it doesn’t have to be romantic love, though that’s probably the best kind. i just like to celebrate love.”
“why jodi chromey, i had no idea you were such a romantic.”
“don’t let it get out, it’ll ruin my rep.”

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