vermin girl

it always disturbs me when i have dreams about celebrities. it’s just kind of creepy you know? even if it’s a good dream and not a creepy stalker dream. anyway, i dreamt that i was at this teeny, tiny bar in the city and the jayhawks were playing. i think i was really very drunk because i vaguely remember that i kept falling over. so the jayhawks were playing and then my golden adonis college friend, mike, got on stage and started to play. and then westerberg jumped on the bar and started playing. i went apeshit. i was crying nad laughing and dancing and singing. westerberg took a liking to me and started talking about me, calling me vermingirl in his stage patter. it was so great. and then he finished, jumped off the bar and went into some backroom. i followed him and asked him if he’d come out and play one more song, i will dare. he came back out and dedicated it to vermin girl and played this beautiful acoustic aching version of i will dare.

and that was it.

in honor of my dream, i am listening to the bootleg of westerberg’s june guthrie concert.

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