things i try to tell you that come out oh so wrong

these are the songs i’ve been sitting here singing outloud to myself in my very successful attempts not to think at all.

and here’s a word of advice, if you have any plans to break my heart like the former outlaw (or any heart for that matter) take a few words from ol’ paul westerberg and say, “things I long to tell you but I don’t know how. things I don’t wanna tell you but I have to now. . . i could use some breathing room but I’m still in love with you.”

now is the time where i go sack out on the couch wathing “shakespeare in love” with my hand shoved down the front of my pants ala al bundy.

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  1. Karen 27.Apr.03 at 11:46 pm

    You really should download ‘Marrow’ by Ani DiFranco – it is such a beautiful song and lyrically amazing. It’s also a great break-up song. I get lost in the words every time I listen to it.