what a mere 24 hours ago was smug contentment and self-satisfaction has quickly evaporated and what’s left in its place is bitter resentment, fear and loneliness. i am so frustrated with work right now i can hardly see straight. i’m angry with myself for wasting money and just generally very crabby.

tomorrow i’m meeting with the bossman to discuss my concerns and frustration and if that doesn’t help, i’m thinking maybe a drinking problem will (kidding).

in other news my lip is still spazzing and i’ve decided i have fleas or something, because whatever bit my breast has now attacked my belly (no pictures because in 32 states pictures of my belly would be considered cruel and unusual punishment).

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  1. Thomas 22.Oct.02 at 7:03 am

    Maybe it was Jake (the skater/gamer/technophile from your comments, not the 4 year old relative) nibbling your tummy in your sleep, and he just got over zealous!

    Seriously, it could be a spider. We in the northern climates have spiders coming into dwellings in droves to escape the cold/follow the prey that is trying to escape the cold.

    And if you’re not going to give us a picture of your tummy, then can we see your breasts again?