it makes a slinkity sound

john’s having a stressful day and he went in search of the slinky he likes to play with.

he couldn’t find it immediately and grabbed the neon green one from sonja’s cube. she flipped out because he wasn’t playing with it properly. then he came into my cube and dug around on my shelf and emerged with a lovely black slinky.

“hey, where’d you get that?” i asked.
“i thought it was your’s. it was just sitting here on your shelf.”
“well, of course it’s mine. i just forgot i had it!”
“nuhuh, it’s mine,” todd yelled.
“because it’s black.”

now i have a new slinky! yay me!

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  1. Thomas 24.Oct.02 at 3:53 pm

    I’d make a dress out of it. Then you could have a black slinky dress.

  2. Ketut 25.Oct.02 at 8:12 am

    I just read a book where one of the characters drinks his signature drink “a slinky”, named after a pitch he used in Major League Baseball.

    It was nasty; Vodka & Root Beer.