c’mon baby shake me all night long

yesterday i was over in sonja’s cell asking her about some URL or another and she got up to go insearch of her bossman. before she can leave her cell she has to lock her computer. i watched as she did it and was instantly enamoured with her Desktop wallpaper.

she had scanned in all these old concert tickets. it was so cool.

she had a replacements first ave ticket circa 1987 and a U2 first ave ticket circa even earlier.

seeing the desktop reminded me of a story she told me about sitting in the basement of the old Northern Lights (which as one of the coolest ever) record store and stamping record jackets.

the record jacket? the replacements’ stink.

i could die of envy.

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  1. Seth 14.Sep.02 at 2:32 pm

    Since your url is named after the replacements, and you have friends with old ‘mats ticket stubs, I had to drop in and say hi. Ah, stink and sorry ma.

  2. agnes 14.Sep.02 at 8:17 pm

    i had just started listening to “let it be”, not finished with “i will dare”, clicked on over to movabletype.org, & saw your site listed as recently updated. coincedence? who knows.

    the replacements rock.