the mom club

there’s a reason i’m not in the mom club yet, well besides the fact that i don’t have children. i’m not in the mom club because i’m not quite ready to have conversations like this:
“he’s a farter all right,” virginia said.
“yeah, but that’s good,” traci said, “he needs to get that out.”
“he’s kinda poopy,” virigina said.
“i’m eating lunch!” ella said.
“well, it’s clean poop,” virigina said.
“yeah, it’s good poop,” kari said.
“ok, i’m not quite ready for all this poop talk,” i said, “you mom’s go into some corner and talk about the pros and cons of good/clean poop vs. bad/dirty poop and leave us alone.”

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  1. mkh 25.Jul.02 at 5:52 pm

    When I am confronted by those conversations, I try to imagine I am an alien anthropologist studying human culture. The accompanying scientific detachment makes it easier to bear.

    Oh, and “Virigina” is a cool name!