following the map

bonnie unearthed a box of godivas that she got as a gift from one of our vendors. she brought the box over here to the treat table sans map.

“where’s the map?” i asked.
“i threw out all the paper work,” she said.
“how are we gonna know what were eating without the map?”
“ok, i’ll get the map.”

she returned with the map. soon, sonja, bonnie and i were huddled over the small box of heaven trying to discern which chocolates were which.

“ohh, this one has nougatine and bits of biscuits.”
“eat it!”
“ohh, that one has raspberry butter cream.”
“eat it!”
“i can’t i don’t like chocolate and fruit.”
“yeah, i don’t like baked fruit.”

then craig walked by and made fun of us. so we stopped.

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