paul westerberg, guthrie theater, minneapolis, mn

words still fail me. i can’t think straight yet. i ran into sister #2 at the bowling alley afterwards and she said i STILL looked flushed and excited. i think the adrenaline is starting to wear off a bit making me most tired.

he played i will dare and achin’ to be and i cried both times. yes, i am that much of a goober. he was warm and funny and i was not even 60 feet away from him. he dared someone to get up and play the tambourine at one point. i was nailed to my seat in fear. a giant bald man with tattoos got up there and got to play the tambourine on i will dare. i nearly wept with envy.

it was absolutely amazing, amazing, amazing.


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  1. scott 02.Mar.03 at 8:31 pm

    I stumbled upon this page while doing a search for the Guthrie. (Yes Jodi I am actually considering attending 6 degrees of seperation) Although I was not overtaken by emotion like Jodi by Westerburg’s performance I was highly entertained.

    I was at the Monday night show and my favorite was hearing the very familiar of the Noah Ground Crew’s basist yelling “Play what you want” in between each song!

    If you see this posting send me an e-mail Chromey!


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