shunned her identity

my favorite part of the bbbq was sitting in the green room eating dinner with the kidlings (jaycie, 4; max, 3; jack, 5; alex, 7; and ryan, 3). we were watching cinderella 2 and chowing on foodstuffs when i heard, “she shunned her cinderella identity.”

“who said that?”

four fingers suddenly pointed at alex.

“did i say something wrong?”
“not at all. good use of the word shunned.”

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  1. "Uncle" Earl Long 26.May.02 at 11:22 pm

    Kids are way too funny. Being from the “north” you might not find this as funny as I do, but in Louisiana it is a rarity.

    I had lunch with my nephews (9 & 7) today and one of them (the 9 year-old) immediately showed me is tongue and it looked like it had been severely burned. When I asked him what happened, he said “I stuck it to a frozen pipe.”

    I only had two questions and one request for him.

    Question 1) Why?
    His reply “I don’t know, I guess I watched too many cartoons.”

    Question 2) Where in Louisiana did you find a frozen pipe in May?
    His reply “You know that frozen pipe that runs from the air conditioner outside into the house.”

    My request to him was not to show any other adults, and if he did, to be sure and say that he takes after his dad and not his uncle when it comes down to doing stupid things like that.