you grip her love like a driver’s license

the parents are moving today so they needed to use my darling ruby to haul stuff. that leaves me with the mommobile– a 2000 toyota camry. after driving ruby for the past two months it seemed i was driving a skateboard down the highway. it sits so low. plus camrys aren’t built for 6’5″ people. i was sure there would be skin loss where the steering wheel was rubbing against my knee. luckily, it was just a bit of chafing.

sadly, i somehow managed to turn on the windshield wipers and it took me half the drive to work to figure out how to turn them off. so if you saw a really tall girl driving a maroonish toyota camry on 169 this morning with the windsheild wipers on, i’m usually not that doofy.

i miss my ruby.

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