boring enormous

it’s finally here, the new paul westerberg album. i went to three different stores last week to get it on the day it was released and of course, i couldn’t find it. so now it’s here and only a week late.

just hearing his voice all scratchy and imperfect makes the blood flow faster and warmer in my veins. it makes my heart beat all kinds of goofy.

oh man. i just got done having a 20 minute conversation with the bossman. he loves the replacements too! do you have any idea what it’s like to find a fellow fan? it’s like if you were dropped onto another planet filled with venusians and finding the one earthling. it’s just a beautiful, bonding thing. i could weep. i won’t, but i could.

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  1. Ali 13.Jun.02 at 3:31 pm

    Well its nice to find you too… waiting on somebody…

  2. brian 05.Sep.02 at 8:58 pm

    How perfectly wonderful that you’ve selected “boring enormous” to title your posting. Lots of evocative language on there and that scratchy voice that I heard in college years ago, listened to on a college trip on a goddam walkman and stopped talking to people for the rest of the trip. I was hooked. And now I’m a lawyer it’s late at night, i’m working, and Mr. Rabbit’s just hammering through my fucking workcell. God bless minneapolis and god bless paul westerberg.