he got a love song that he made

i can’t sleep. of course it makes perfect sense that i can’t sleep. being that i got wretchedly, violently ill this afternoon and went promptly to bed upon coming to bed.

this wouldn’t be so bad only i didn’t get home until like 7. then i woke up wide awake with nothing to do at 1 a.m.

what’s a girl to do at 4 in the morning? really?

so here i sit making cds for the sister and getting lost in the time warp that music creates so wonderfully. the gear daddies, the indigo girls, material issue, i feel like i’m 22 again.

i’m feeling a little old and immature all at the same time. will these songs always transport me to smoky bars in eau claire wisconsin? conjuring up people that have become nothing more than good memories and ghosts from my past?

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  1. tyson 31.Mar.02 at 5:34 am

    I’m awake too. I fell asleep at 1pm. We could have chatting on AIM about how bored we were, or something.